About Us

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Jesus ApprovedJesus Approved is about bringing the message of approval to the world. It seems as though more and more we are being inundated with the need for approval. From social media making us want to seek approval through likes and follows, to the every growing need to look a certain way.

We received this message loud and clear and we are here to shout it out to you all.

You are approved! Right where you are, with what you have or have not, you are approved.

What is so beautiful about this is that you are not made to work at this approval. God doesn’t say to us, “Go away, come back when I can approve of you. Come back when you don’t have those problems…..” Instead he says to us, “You are already approved. Jesus paid a huge price for your approval… come on in.”

Once you can fully grasp the concept of approval, you will start to understand God’s love more and see where you have sought approval in the wrong areas in your life.

Join us, and let’s live APPROVED!